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Spot the Difference (Hachiban Ramen Noodle House)

Did you see me

My hubby and I fondly call

Spot the Difference (Hachiban Ramen Noodle House)

(Please don't ask why!)

They serve good noodles here
Gyoza, as well
And other foodies, too!

You don't believe me?
Check out their menu below.
Spot the Difference (Hachiban Ramen Noodle House)

Kidding aside,

If you happen to visit Bangkok 
Get some Hachiban noodles
For some Ramen
I promise, you won't regret it!

Speaking of noodles and ramen,

Now, here's my Spot the Difference portion
This photo below is 8's representation of their
Seafood Ramen (something)

Spot the Difference (Hachiban Ramen Noodle House)

And this photo here represents what  they served me.
Looks very close to their menu, right?
Well, I think so.
Spot the Difference (Hachiban Ramen Noodle House)

And this photo is how their Gyoza would look like...
Spot the Difference (Hachiban Ramen Noodle House)

Here is what they served me.
It's not as charred as I hoped them to be;
But good enough.
At least, they gave me 6 pieces,
Just like in their menu
Spot the Difference (Hachiban Ramen Noodle House)

What do you think?
You spotted some differences, right?
Still, I'd grade them 80%
Their food tastes so good, anyway! 

Before you leave,
Can anyone help me translate
What this photo image is all about?
Spot the Difference (Hachiban Ramen Noodle House)

About the Author: Beingwell enjoys sharing her photos with you! 


  1. I love your idea of comparing the actual and what's in the photo!

  2. Dimpsum and Ramen, such a great combination for the rainy weather.

  3. I'm actually a noodle person so I'm sure that I will be able to enjoy this dish. :) Sad that I didn't know about this yet.. I was actually in Bangkok a few years back. This would've been a treat! :)

  4. I thought it was a local restaurant. Anyhow, the seafood ramen looks tempting :3

  5. Yummy! My kids love noodles, I bet they would enjoy eating this Ramen.

  6. where is this located? i think this is not here in manila? i love gyoza + ramen forever! they're best buddies!

    1. I don't know if they have a branch there. I haven't seen one, though...

  7. Hahahaha...dami kung tawa dito. Anyway I love Ramen. Anything about food I love it.

  8. sometimes the image on their promotional or menu are really different from what was served but if you say it taste good, i would still want to try them.

  9. It's 1:30 in the morning at my end. And this post of yours make me crave for some Ramen.

  10. the food looks really yummy!! now I want to eat a hot bowl of Ramen

  11. Its not always 100%, Its a fact :) but as long as it taste good, there's no problem at all

  12. I've been meaning to visit Bangkok! And that Hachiban noodles is now on must-to-eat list...

  13. Your photos speak a thousand words more especially in spot the difference. Point well made.

  14. photos were always arranged and well prepared... always... LOL. Yahweh bless.

  15. The photo and the actual looks almost the same.the actual dumpling needs a little cooking.

  16. cool! will be in thailand this september! will try to find sometimes to visit this place! xx

  17. It's really disappointing that many restaurants serve dishes that look nowhere close to the one that they feature on their menu. Personally, I consider it a case of false advertising. As for the last photo, from what I can figure out with my extremely rusty Japanese, the text seems to be about how ramen (really good ramen) being food for the soul (something like that).

  18. not really into japanese food but this looks delish


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