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Editing with Photo Splash Pro (iPhone apps)

Have you tried slicing your photo?
I did, in this fun post!

Once again, I played with our food.
This time, with some Saint ETOILE muffins

The photo below is the raw image of our
Chocolate and Vanilla muffin
This is unedited, except for my watermark
So you'll see other stuff going on in the background

Below on the other hand,
Is the edited version
I splashed color only unto the
Chocolate muffin and the Vanilla muffin's top!
Did you like it?

Is the raw image
Of the empty cups of the muffin above
(BURP, by the way!)
And also, unedited.

And now,
I splashed color unto
My Disney mug and on one of empty muffin cups 
See it?

While snacking with the hubby,
I figured doing Photo Splash edits
On the photos above
Photo Splash Pro is currently a free app in iTunes
(Go grab one for your Apple devices!)
It allows us to color certain parts of our photo
To add zing! to the eyes

Here's another set of Photo Splash edits:
Notice how everything else on the right
Is in Black and White except for the muffin top?

In addition to Photo Splash,
I also applied Instagram edits
To highlight the colored muffin cup
And of course, you'll see
My annotation on these photo I shared with you

I enjoyed this photo session so much,
That I just had to collate them in one photo frame
Courtesy of another free iPhone app, of course!
(Muzy, I think...)

We enjoyed the muffin.
Not too sweet; perfect for brewed coffee!
And I enjoyed my edits!

Is located at the GF of Siam Paragon
In Bangkok

About the Author: Beingwell enjoys sharing her photos with you! 


  1. Photo Splash Pro! This is exactly what I'm looking for! Yay! Good thing it's still available for free download. Thanks for letting us know about it.

    Those muffins look yummy, too. :)

  2. wow.. i'll try using this app.. thanks sis for sharing

  3. Now I want to get my own iPhone ; p


  4. Nice photo edits! I want those not-too-sweet muffins, too!

  5. You are so PRO now. Photo editing hard to balance with lights and colors. But you made it very good. Now I want to have an iPHONE. Love the food as well.

  6. Cool apps!! iPhone lang meron nito? whyyyyyy??? :(

  7. Right now I am using collage but will try this thank you so much

  8. Photo Splash is really an amazing application! I also use it on my mobile phone when my friend told me about it. Great photos by the way! :)

  9. Wow, I've never used this app sis. Yey! i'll gonna download this one. Thanks!

  10. This is an interesting app, fun to do while experimenting on all possibilities for blog use.

  11. Nice! I've been trying out the color splash app. It works pretty much the same way. You might want to give it a try, too.

  12. iPhone really has great photo editing tools that can make ordinary photos look great.

  13. Nice photo editing tool.I used ACD See before but the functions have just become obsolete. I must try this.

  14. Nice photos! I will be trying this too. Thanks for sharing!

  15. looks like a nice editing tool. too bad i don't have an iphone.


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