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Make a Photo Collage (iPhone apps)

I hope you enjoyed
Editing with Photo Splash Pro
In my other post
Today, let's make collages!

You must have seen 
Photo collages in Facebook
Some of them are a delight to see.
Others are just typical. 

These collages can be easily made
With FREE downloads 
Using smartphones.

For instance,
Below is a collage I made
With InstaStitch (FREE app)
 and Line Camera (FREE app)

As always,
This photo is "beingwell" annotated
Using A+ Signature (another FREE app)
Make a Photo Collage (iPhone apps)

The above photo is
I picked up this recipe
From Cooking Like a Pro

Here's another collage
Using my somtam salad photos
It's papaya salad 
Mixed with 
Spicy, sweet and crunchy Thai sauce
Truly 1st place in the Salad division!
Make a Photo Collage (iPhone apps)

The apps I used in the above photo
Pic/Photo collage (FREE app)
 and Line Camera, as well for the 1st sticker

Here's a collage using Muzy (FREE app)
I put these 4 photos into the Photobox
And then played a bit more
Using its Photobrush!
Make a Photo Collage (iPhone apps)
Guess I still have 
Some of the photo splash fever. :)
I love to play with colors!

That's it, for now.
Those are few of the photo collage apps I use
In presenting my group photos
What are yours?

About the Author: Beingwell enjoys sharing her photos with you! 


  1. nice app! thanks for this :) should you know a video app kindly share it too <3

    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  2. I like the papaya salad, Mom used to experiment some before. Cool apps too, I've been using diptic and picstitch so far :)

  3. The photo collage can help you make more visual presentations of your ingredients and the end product.

  4. photo collages are quite a fad these days, most especially the for androids and the iPhone! but i admit that they really make photos look really beautiful.. :) your meals look really yummy too

  5. I haven't tried this application yet, I will consider this. thanks for the info =)

  6. Ang galing ng shots from the iPhone apps.It makes the food more delicious.

  7. photo collaging is a great way to present multiple photos into a single photo.. i have such collaging apps on my smartphone though they are different apps from yours.. :D

  8. i would love to play with that muzy ap but i love my photos to have a lot of colours hehe xx

  9. Wow love that app with a star. Very nice.

  10. too bad I don't have an iphone! hoho. Looks like those are handy and easy to use apps. :))

  11. I have a similar app in android and it is photoshake.. woot.. i do not have an iphone hahahah

  12. Those photos got me hungry right away. I hope this app would be available on iphone5. ^_^

  13. Nice job! I'm currently using Frame Magic Premium for making my collages and Pixlromatic (the free version) for the effects. Really great to use too.

  14. nice collages Rizza! I wish I have time to do this too for my blogs. Maybe in the very near future.

  15. I've never downloaded any photo editor that allows collages. I'm not very techie. It's about time, I s'pose. Thanks for sharing. :)

  16. Photo Collage apps for phone are very helpful and convenient. I have one on my Windows phone too. :)

  17. Nice collage and delicious foods. Nakakagutom ;)) Gnda ng pg kaka edit, parang galing sa photoshop

  18. Oh I will be bookmarking this post as I want to learn how to make collages. When you say app that means I can only download it using an android right? How about in the PC? Can these apps work too?

    I have so many pictures from seminars for Special Education Philippines which I think would be better presented if its in a collage. Saves time uploading too. :P

  19. Wow I bet photo collages will be competing with Instagram images now. I really have to get a smartphone now so I can join in the fun. :)

  20. Looks a convenient and useful app for photo bloggers. Great one for food bloggers as well. Thanks idol Rizza for sharing.

  21. I love lumpia! And to capture this with these very good photo collage applications, it makes it more delicious! Hehe.. Yum!

    And, I must say, you look different in your G+ vs your FB photo. Just a mere off-topic observation. hehe

  22. is this application free... it seems like a good editor. like the one you did with the lumpia. Yahweh bless.

  23. You have the creative eyes on mix-matching photos with effects that really make them more interesting and appetizing.

  24. Nice colors!! Will try to check for this app tomorrow. Hehe

  25. wow! I also wanted to learn how to do photo collage, will try it.

  26. As always you are creative with your food shots using an iPhone. What I have currently installed in my iPad is InstaStitch and I've been doing and getting cool images using this app.

  27. I also use photo collage apps on my iPad! I love 'em!

  28. Thanks to technology there are now lots of application than can help us to make simple images get better.

  29. The pictures are actually making me hungry, which reminds me I have to grab breakfast.

  30. Nice shots! Apps on the iPhone such as this one just blow away Android apps by a mile, as much as I hate to admit it.

  31. I really love playing with collage apps too

  32. Has anyone tried Collage Shaper for iPhone yet. Super cool! Lets you create collages in a ton of different shapes.


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