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How to Take Clear Photos with iPhone

My previous post was about
Making a photo collage using the iPhone
Now, let's make some
Clear, vivid pictures with it!

For this session,
My subjects were a donut and a chocolate croissant
That I bought from St. Etoille!
It turns out that I enjoy their goodies.

"Hole-y Bread!"

How to Take Clear Photos with iPhone


How to Take Clear Photos with iPhone

I used no special effect on the subjects
This is to prove
That not all iPhone photos need editing.

To make a clear shot
On your subjects
Using an iPhone
You simply need to tap the screen
To activate its auto-focus.
Choose your angle.
Then take the shot!

Here's my baked donut taking a pose
(Which by the way, tastes like a muffin)
It's the healthier alternative
Rather than the fried ones covered in glaze, sugar and sprinkles
It's  not entirely an empty calorie food
When donuts are baked.

How to Take Clear Photos with iPhone


How to Take Clear Photos with iPhone

"Lazy pose"

How to Take Clear Photos with iPhone


How to Take Clear Photos with iPhone

It's fun taking close-up shots
with an iPhone 4s
You can make decent images,
With just a few taps.
And without any edits!

Nonetheless, if you need to enhance your photos
There are always
Instagram, Muzy and Camera360
To lend a hand!

Come back for more!!!

About the Author: Beingwell enjoys sharing her photos with you! 


  1. I can't believe these photos are all taken with an iPhone.
    Nice tip!


  2. I actually enjoyed checking out your "bread" photos. Hihihi, looks good 0.o

  3. My friend! I was thinking of making a photo blog too and this blog of yours motivated me more,lol! Great photos you have here,just can't believe you just used your iPhone,great work!

  4. interesting cell phone photography and doughnut promotions shots.

  5. omg! i love crossaints! it's my fave pastry of all times! :D the chocrossaint photo you took is so tempting! i want one!

  6. In fairness u made it!crisp and clear shots. Whatta delicious post:)

  7. You are right, we can actually take photos from iPhone that is really outstanding and no need for edits.

  8. Lovely photos! I wish I could take pictures like that!

  9. Tap the screen pala to activate the auto focus kaya pala some of my i-phone photo are not so good. Thanks for this tips =)

  10. Nice tips, love what you captured.

  11. taking photos does not necessary need a DSLR, any device that has a camera with it, just like mobile. Ika nga, "wala sa camera yan, nasa kumukuha". But we must understand also the limits of the device, wag nating pilitin kumuha sa gabi ng isang landscape kung ang gamit natin ay camera phone lang at handheld pa, more noise and camera shake will be the resulting photo. But using your Iphone to shoot the subjects as shown above, it will be just fine and fun... :D

  12. Next time I am going to buy iPHONE. Nice shots there sis. ^_^

  13. Maganda talaga ang camera ng iPhone 4s.

  14. These are really nice shots sis! I don't have an iPhone but friends who have them usually find it hard to shoot subjects up-close. Will definitely let them know about the auto-focus feature if they don't know it yet.. :)

  15. Most of the newer mobile phones have good lens and aperture, you just need to find a good lighting source to make it clearer.

  16. Nice! I'll try this on my iPhone too!

  17. kagutom naman!
    and these are sharp photos.. and done with less effort! :)

  18. Wow! The photos from your iPhone 4s looks crisp. My iPhone 4 doesn't look as vivid as this.. except only when there's good lighting. :)

  19. i do that all the time as well! haha i won't click it unless it has that focus already hash

  20. Now I'm craving for donuts because they are well captured by your iPhone 4s... GREAT shots! Nasa kumukuha nga ang ganda ng isang larawan. In-born talent.

  21. Just wondering, are you writing this as a poem? :P

  22. Once I receive my iPhone 5 next year, I'll take your word for it. :D

  23. Quality photographs using an iPhone..

  24. theres this girl on my facebook she has an iphone4S i noticed all her photos look really nice and clear, i think she has a photo app on her phone?

    i have an iphone4S and some of my photos come out clear but not as clear as hers, i think she edits hers. i have a few photo apps on my iphone; Camwow, Camwow pro, BeFunky, PicShop Lite and Photo Joiner. is there another photo app i can install on my phone to make my photo clear and have good gaulity?
    iPad App Development


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