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Spot the Difference (The Manhattan Fish Market)

Exactly last month
We had a Spot the Difference game
In this photo blog

I enjoyed that so much...
That I decided it be a regular in this blog.

Let's have another go,
Shall we?

Let's visit The Manhattan Fish Market's menu
Spot the Difference (The Manhattan Fish Market)

I had the Manhattan Fish 'n Chips
With a selection of Dory, Cherry Snapper and Cod,
I stuck with their Dory fish

This photo right here is the comparison of
Manhattan's Fish 'n Chips
Menu vs Actual
Spot the Difference (The Manhattan Fish Market)

Not bad right?
The garnish sauce on top
May not be as full as the one in their menu
Perhaps it was 
During prep time 'till the food
Reached our table

I would just like to mention
That their chips (fries, really)
Had a yummy coating
I really enjoyed this dish.



The photos above are 
Mediterranean Baked Fish
Menu vs Actual version

I'm beginning to think
I photographed the wrong order!

While our actual fish
Was baked in basil and several other herbs
Rather than chilies and Mediterranean spices
The food is still a delight.

Other than the fish itself
Everything else seemed to be in order

All in all
Visiting Manhattan's Fish Market
Is a treat!
I'll definitely go back.

We had deep-fried and baked fish
But, have you tried
Check my recipe there and make your own
Fish dish.

By the way,
The Manhattan Fish Market 
Is Located at Central World in Bangkok
(7th floor)

About the Author: Beingwell enjoys sharing her photos with you! 


  1. Fish and Chips is one of my favorite seafood delight. I was able to try it and Sydney and I've liked it ever since.

  2. Oh my! Initially thought that The Manhattan Fish Market was somewhere in Manila.. started to crave for some Fish & Chips actually. :/

  3. As long as it really taste great and satisfied your gastronomic desires then still it's good. As you said you will definitely go back there then I will definitely try it when I go back to Bangkok =)

    Thanks for the share

  4. Personally, I kinda like the actual presentation of the Fish and Chips better than the one in the menu. I guess it's 'coz of the multicolored salad they served you on the side. But I have to agree on the baked fish. It really looked like a completely different order.

  5. Yep, the last pic looks like a different order. I would mind if I purposely ordered a new dish I wanted to try. But if the order took long and I'm already hungry, ok na lang kahit mali basta masarap. Chalk it up to bad customer service.

  6. fish n chips looks very yummy! craving one now! xx

  7. I really love this theme post of yours. Spot the difference. Great job idol Rizza!

  8. Fish and chips looked good! Gaaah I'm craving for one!

  9. I don't spot any difference, all i know is how to spot good a good dish.. LOL Takaw ko talaga.

  10. i am very much interested on that baked fish ...sounds healthy and delightful.I hope those are affordable. I wonder if our cook can do the same here .. lol ...

  11. I was thinking the same thing while looking at the photos of dish #2. I thought, something happened from the kitchen to the table that the dish turned green, LOL. And yes, I would have to agree with you as well that this "spot the difference" novelty of yours is fun.

    1. Sis, my bad! It was the wrong item nga!hahahahha!!! Woopsie!

  12. Now this is making me hungry. Not into fish really but still the pictures alone are making my stomach growling. :-)

  13. The concept of Spot the Difference is nice! Sometimes, restos make the pics in their menu look so appealing but when the actual order comes, you'd just silently ask yourself, "What happened??" hehe. So, the second photo is really a mistake? :">

  14. Those fish and chips of yours made me feel so hungry. ^_^

  15. Something wrong with dish #2. As you have said maybe you ordered different dish. Hahahaha. But never mind you still enjoy the food sis, I guess. ^_^

  16. I'm starved again... I just finished eating my lunch with fried tilapia and toyomansi but this fish 'n chips dish, either actual or menu... somehow invite my taste buds.

  17. Wow fish and chips! I love fish and chips. The resto seems to be a good place to eat fish dishes.

  18. I'm a fish-meat lover! We'll try to include The Manhattan Fish Market on our itinerary oonce we hit Bangkok. Thanks!

  19. Will definitely try this if ever we go back to Bangkok. I just hope this is not too oily for my liking :)


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