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Spot the Difference (Banana Leaf Experience)

Banana Leaf
Is one of our (the hubby and me) favorite restos
In Bangkok

It's a bit far from the city
But the food here is all worth the travel.

Spot the Difference (Banana Leaf Experience)

Banana Leaf in Bangkok however,
Is a lot different from the one
in Metro Manila
Where everything's fancy and all expensive
This one is rather similar to that
Som's Noodle House near Power Plant Mall
(That's another food place you should try)
(When you happen to pass by Rockwell Center)

Anyway for this visit, 
we had deep-fried seabass (as we usually do)

Spot the Difference (Banana Leaf Experience)     Spot the Difference (Banana Leaf Experience)
Check at how these 2 photos look alike.
Fun, isn't it? 
The actual food looks exactly the same
As it is presented in the menu!

We also had some stir-fry asparagus 
     Spot the Difference (Banana Leaf Experience)
Also a bit similar to the prints, right?
(Here's my own asparagus recipe, by the way.)

We had pork soup
With seaweeds and egg tofu.
Spot the Difference (Banana Leaf Experience)
(Not in the menu)
Sorry guys.

We both had young coconut juice to finish up the feast.
After which, we headed off
For a 2-hour, well-deserved traditional Thai massage!

What a meal!
What a weekend!!!

Did you enjoy my photos?
Here are some more while having fun in Starbucks.

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  1. Ano mas masarap sa pilipinas o yung sa thailand?

  2. wow... sure yummy.. I just finished my dinner but this made me crave for another bite.. lol :D

  3. wow paraho nga hehehe anyway both looks yummy and thanks for sharing the recipe will gonna try this @ home

  4. wow. parang copy & paste lang din ang actual sa menu photo nila..hehehehe..thanks M'am Rizza for this yummy and tempting food. Ginutom tuloy ako.

  5. Delicious food combinations, though I'm not a fan of Thai food...:D

  6. I would want to try the thai version too.

  7. I love Thai Food! Banana Leaf seems to be a very good place to savor the native Thai dishes while in Bangkok.

  8. i've always walked pass by banana leaf but never tried it out.
    wow, i'm so envious of the 2 hour massage! i'm such a sucker for massages especially when i'm all tired.

  9. Hmmmm, not a fan of Thai food but the dish looked mouthwatering. what you see is what you get talaga ang drama :D

  10. almost similar, pero sabi mo mas masarap ang Thai.

  11. Mukhang masarap itong mga foods..ginutom tuloy ako..

  12. I missed this when I went to Thailand. Well there will always be another time =)

  13. what a great combination... after a nice meal... a 2 hour massage... wow... Yahweh bless.

  14. Hope they'll open in Davao, so I can try. Hahaha

  15. Food prepared in a traditional way have always this oh-so-good taste, i believe this one can drive our palate crazy! :)

  16. Bakit pala mas masarap yung Thai version compared sa Pinoy version?

  17. food trip and massage,hope i can do that here.oh well ,my hubby can massage me after a heavy meal.


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