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Fun Photo Edits (with iPhone 4s)

This is a banana choco-chip muffin from Starbucks
I had one while waiting for my hubby
For a Bourne Legacy movie date
(More like bored legacy to me, by the way!)

Starbuck's Banana choco-chip muffin

And here below is my
Iced caramel macchiato
I love how the caramel seemed to be 
Hanging against all odds there.

Iced caramel macchiato from Starbuck's

The photo images above 
Are products of my ingenuity, talent and lack of a thing to do. (LOL!)
More of the latter than anything else, really.

Since I don't have a heavy-duty LSR camera,
I use most of what I have in taking photo shots.
These include my
iPhone, free iPhone apps and two steady hands.

With a little touch of Instagram edits
My very plain captures became vivid, tempting and very real.

Here are the raw photos of the two above:

unedited muffin   unedited macchiato

  I used Instagram in "tweaking" these images.
I also employed A+ Signature Lite for the "beingwell" watermark.
As well as iPhone's own editing features (e.g. crop, auto-correct colors)

This is the most fun I've had with any gadgets;
Especially with phones, in particular.

Here's what I made with some vegetable images, too.

Chocolate chip muffin and a creamy caramel macchiato
Are not your typical 200 calorie snacks.
Point being, I had to do extra cardio workouts
In order to burn the calories I loaded up
From this movie date.

About the Author: Beingwell enjoys sharing her photos with you! 


  1. Hahaha! iPhone apps are addictive. Fortunately, I got over it after a few months. I still have some photo editing apps but rarely use them now.

    The movie was boring? Aw, that's too bad. I'll still watch it anyway. I'll wait for *pirates* LOL.

  2. Very nice pics with colourful effects

  3. wow, banana choco chip muffin .I love it and my kids too. I made one last week ,banana chocolate cake,and it was a blast .my kids did not stop eating it and did not last for 2 days. this one looks delicious, will check out the recipe.

  4. i love the photos!! :D and I agree.. iphone has so many cool photo editing apps. <3 which makes me love it more! :D

    Rhea Bue (Styles & Writes)

  5. Nice shots and editing! I love the watermark app that you used for your photos. Ma-download nga sa iPod touch ko. Natawa naman ako dun sa Bored Legacy. Hehe.

  6. Instagram photos always have a way of making me hungry. :(

  7. Hahahaha...I was struck on the bored legacy you have there. Hahahaha. Sana kinain ko na lang din sa starbucks yun. lol

  8. I haven't used Instagram yet although it's already famous for capturing/uploading pictures and its vintage effect. (It's maybe because I'm not into apple apps haha.)

  9. I really believe the iphone photo apps can be addicting because my bro is so into it.

  10. You are doing good Ms Rizza. Keep it up.!

  11. whew.. nhave not tasted banana choco chip yet. and i wanna have iOS gadget na talaga!!!!

  12. yummy combination. I wish I could eat some. I love starbucks.

  13. Nice job. Have you tried the Camera+ app? It's got a lot of neat filters, including one that is specifically designed for food photos.

  14. it's weird because I hate bananas but love banana cakes and muffins.

  15. haha. oh i'm missing the place. i only come regularly during holiday season for the planner.lol


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