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Having fun with Chayote!

I took this photo with an iPhone mobile.
Obviously, it's an image of chayote strips
(sayote in Tagalog)
on top of saute'd garlic, onions and tomatoes.

I was cooking sayote stir-fried for dinner this one time.

I enjoy taking close-up images.
They look so surreal and crisp, 
don't you think?
(Just as crisp as every bite of this vegetable!)

What about chayote, though...

Chayote or sayote is shaped like a pear.
In the US, it's already referred to as the vegetable pear.

I enjoy chayote because of its crunchy texture.
It's fun to eat is all I'm saying.
This one's definitely low on calories too!
It contains 0 cholesterol and 0 saturated fats.
Simply put, it's a food for weight watchers.

You can add some shrimps into a chayote dish, 
And still maintain a low-calorie meal.
Just remember to detach the shrimp's head
To have a low-cholesterol dish, as well.

Add to add more flavor, add some of
Thailand's spicy condiments, why don't yah?! 

About the Author: Beingwell enjoys sharing her photos with you! 


  1. i like sayote's cruchiness. the reason i always have this in my fridge. either for chicken tinola, or stir fry. it's a recipe which are great for busy and working moms .

  2. Seems to be a good mix :) What I love to do with Sayote is cut them into small cubes and mixed it with egg :)

  3. I prefer sayote over papaya in my tinola. :)

  4. Only with your iPhone? WOW! Those are great shots! You make me miss cooking now... I'll try using Thai spices next time ;)

  5. I bet that's yummy. I love veggies!

  6. I'm glad my Mom taught me how to eat veggies otherwise I'd be missing a lot of nutrients. Your recipe looks yummy!

  7. Masarap din yung talbus nyan, at kung saan-saan lang tumutubo sa aming lugar sa Baguio... :D

  8. We use to eat a lot of Sayote when we are younger since this grows easily in the cold weather of Baguio.

  9. Wow, didn't know that Sayote was good for weight watchers. That's definitely a plus! :)

  10. I love ginisang sayote so much. there is not a week that we don't have sayote whether it was cook alone or with other vegies like chopsuey =)

  11. One of my favorite veggies- chayote. I love them stir-fried with giniling :)

  12. Mahal yan dito sa atin. As far as I know, Sayote only grow in Baguio. Masarap yan sa tinola.

  13. Chayote is one of my favorite vegetable. So it's good pala for weight watcher like me. should have more of it.

  14. Your pictures made me hungry for Sayote. :D

  15. I super like ginisang sayote with ground pork and sayote in chopsuey but this dish... Headless shrimps are healthier?? But I love making sipsip the heads especially in buttered shrimp dish.

  16. The photo looks sooo appetizing!
    kagutom much!
    I never thought that one can actually jazz up sayote..
    It's was always, just one of the ingredients.
    now I'm learning!

  17. love sayote...years ago when apples were too expensive, my aunt used sayote for her yummy apple pies and believe me, we did not notice the difference!


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