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Thailand's Spicy Condiments

When you eat in restaurants or food stalls in Thailand,
You will always be served with fish sauce and chili sauce.
We almost always don't use them
But we always have them by our side.

And just like their Lod Chong sweets
I never really fancied these condiments...
(They seemed to be too spicy for me)

However, when I tried them 
With their fish dish for instance
Like this one below,

I enjoyed them very much!

What you see by the golden fish' side is a mango salad, by the way.
This salad has a sweet, spicy, tangy taste.
It absolutely compliments this deep-fried sea bass.

If you love spicy foods
Then you'll enjoy Thailand's authentic condiments
Like I do, now.

At home, on the other hand
I make simple condiment recipes myself.
Perhaps, you'd like to try them, too!
Is there anything that doesn't go with
Soya sauce and lime?
I always have them with almost anything fried, in fact.
Plus, it's very easy to do.

Do you like spicy foods?

About the Author: Beingwell enjoys sharing her photos with you! 


  1. I like spicy food and spicy deep. For Thai foods I like that are spicy is the green chicken curry.

  2. Can you not refuse it? Just curious because I really don't like spicy and hot foods.

  3. I am not very fun of spicy dishes myself but when I was in Thailand I asked the restaurant to make it a little mild and it turned out to be good.

  4. i like eating thai food, as well, but it must be vegan. i prefer not to eat meat or eggs

  5. the food looks delicious, but I may not take it for I am not a fan of spicy food... :D

  6. it looks good, as long as it is vegetarian. the meat ruins it for me.

  7. Hungry much! Looks delicous to munch.

  8. i love chili sauce. it's like my viand already everytime i order chow fan in chowking.lol haha

  9. Oops, your images are down. But judging on the write-up, I bet they're delicious! First time to hear a mango salad with a spicy twist.

  10. Looks delicious. Chili sauce is hot and sweet. ;D

  11. I like anything with spice so this one would be a hit for me. ^_^

  12. I love mango salad (or anything similar) to go with seafood. Must've been a scrumptious meal.

  13. I enjoy them once in a while. Having too much of it doesn't seem to sit well with my tummy.

  14. I love Thai foods! They are so spicy but yummy!


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