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Craving for Thai's Lod Chong Dessert

Lod Chong is one of Thailand's traditional sweet treats. 
This green worm-like dessert is made from pandan and flour.
They are eaten with the syrup made from coconut.
And always served cold, with ice - crushed, cubed or otherwise.

Lod Chong thai dessert

(It's green color reminds me of sayote tops somehow...)

Lod Chong didn't appeal to me at first.
However, when I got to taste it; I was immediately converted!
I will never get tired of enjoying this crazy green noodles.

Caution however, if you are watching your weight.
I suggest Simple Cardio Workouts after having this sweet.
Believe me, it's very heavy to the tummy.

In Thailand, Lod Chong is served in restaurants and sold in food courts.
They always taste good to me wherever I buy them.
I can't make this treat at home, however.
It's a very tedious process.
But that is fine. 
I learned how to make Somtam salad, at least.
That's something to be proud of....(she said to herself).

Now, ever tried Teriyaki Sauce in your dish?


  1. So close to buko pandan salad of the Philippines right? Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks correct, Ron! I knew we had the same in the Philippines!!

  2. Is this available in any Thai resto here?

    1. Most of the restos,yes. You'll most likely find these on food courts in malls, though. :)

  3. I will try this when I go to Bangkok and compare it to our buko pandan thanks.

  4. I love desserts with coconut milk. I look forward to trying this dessert soon.

  5. I would want to try this. I'm such so easy to please when it comes to sweet foods.

  6. yummy!is this available here in the pHil?

    1. I'm not sure, anciro. But it really tastes like our own buko pandan desserts.

  7. You know what, I really hate worms, and I was taken aback at the first sentence. lol!

    But your description of lod chong sounds really delicious. I'm not on a diet so maybe I can have 2 servings of this dessert. =)

  8. It really looks like buko pandan, very similar! My mouths watering at the moment! Would love to try this in future. Thanks!


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